Welcome to the VocaCenter.net Podcast!

We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with our plans to revive the former The Vocaloid Center Podcast as the VocaCenter.net Podcast!

The following is the transcript of rmL’s announcement:

"Hello everyone, this is r-m-to-the-capital-L rmL and welcome to VocaCenter.net!

In the near future,  We will be launching the VocaCenter.net Podcast where we will be talking all about singing voice synthesizers including but not limited to VOCALOID and UTAU.

As some of you may know, Geminarius and I did a short production run of The Vocaloid Center Podcast and at that time, it was the first of its kind to have a show catered to the fans of VOCALOID. I shared this over at the VOCALOID sub-reddit and from there, it gained thousands of listeners from its first few episodes.

The format consisted of discussing the latest news in the community and feature works created with the VOCALOID software and occasionally other singing voice synthesizers such as UTAU.

We faced a lot of challenges during the production of the beta episodes and unfortunately, The Vocaloid Center would soon go on hiatus and our website became inactive until very recently back in September 2017 when I announced plans to revive The Vocaloid Center as VocaCenter.net as a singing voice synthesizer blog and podcast.

With this, we reaffirm and expand on our mission of promoting not only VOCALOID but also all other singing voice synthesizers by providing news, features, and guides.

We ask that you keep monitoring this feed as this will be the place where you'll be the first to know when our first-ever episode releases.

In the meantime, you can visit VocaCenter.net and read our stories on the singing voice synthesizers and since we want our content to be driven by the vocal synth community, we are opening up our website to those who would want to speak their mind and share our common interests when in comes to singing voice synthesizers.

If you are interested to become a writer or a contributor, visit bit.ly/JoinVocaCenter or send an e-mail to info@vocacenter.net

Now, before I go,  I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Je-kun and Ryan-kun for providing an update on our production music we use for this podcast and to everyone listening to this right now ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE STUCK WITH US FOR THIS LONG DESPITE OUR THREE-YEAR HIATUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

And with that, we are looking forward for you to listen to the VocaCenter.net Podcast when we formally go live very soon!

This has been r-m-to-the-capital-L rmL! Signing off..."


VocaCenter.net is the place where music and technology converge. We are dedicated to promoting singing voice synthesizers such as Yamaha’s VOCALOID and Ameya’s UTAU by providing news, features, and guides.

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