Yamaha adds Mirai Komachi to VOCALOID4 Library

The Vocaloid community got a surprise VOCALOID4 Japanese voicebank release from Yamaha last week when it announced on Twitter they are adding a new product to its VOCALOID SHOP.

According to Yamaha’s store listing, Mirai Komachi is created by the sound team of Bandai Namco Studios (BNS). Her voice is described as happy and clean-cut which makes it suitable for upbeat songs.


Aside from being a Vocaloid, Mirai Komachi’s character will be BNS’s idol mascot for its game development technology as well as its research and development who wishes to make everyone smile and spread happiness around the world.

It is also worth mentioning that Mirai Komachi is only a nickname according to a BNS reply to Twitter user @RobynIsANinja and Bandai Namco will be announcing further details about her character soon.

To like or to dislike?

Because of how she was released, it would seem Mirai Komachi is being received by Vocaloid fans with mixed reactions. While some liked her voice and design, others have pointed out that she sounds and looks like existing Vocaloids.

What do you think of Mirai Komachi? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

For producers who are interested to grab Mirai Komachi, she is exclusively available for download purchase at the VOCALOID SHOP for 8,000 JPY (around 73 USD or 63 EUR) plus taxes.



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