VocaloidOtaku.net shuts down; VocaVerse Network emerges

Once tagged as the prime source for everything Vocaloid for nine years with about 25,000 registered users, the VocaloidOtaku.net forums (VO) has officially gone offline as announced in late February that it was shutting down citing decreased user activity over the years.

The forum boards itself was no longer accessible by around March 28th before the entire website went dark three days later as scheduled. While VO advised its users to reach out to other active online Vocaloid fan communities to stay in the loop, there were already discussions of setting up a new forum site as a spiritual successor to VO.

Vocaloid News Network (VNN) recently revealed that its official forums, VocaVerse Network (VVN), is now online and open to the public.

“Many users came together to help create the new forums and after a lot of hard work, VVN is finally ready for the world!”

As the new forums is under the VNN banner, users can expect the new site will be maintained by its global team of administrators and moderators.

Aside from the forums, VVN is also on Facebook and Twitter. It also has an active Discord chat server where users can also join in.

It is expected VVN will be introducing more features and further plans in the near future. For now, former VO users are expected to flock over to the new forums.

Were you a former VO user and moving over to VVN? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below!

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