#UHPCB2018 – UTAU community event to come together in chorus battle

(UPDATED) On the heels of the recently concluded UTAUvision event, another UTAU community project is in the works!


Kowareta, founder of the UTAU Human Project (UHP), has announced that she is working with “some big names” in the VOCALOID and UTAU community to organize a chorus battle event dubbed as “UHP-CB”

“This event is a big UTAU-only chorus battle! The goal is to assemble your own team to tune a cover or original with voicebanks of your choice! Unlike UTAUVision, this is not going to be country restricted, and you can use whatever voicebanks you want! More information can be found in the links below! We are actually working with the host of next year’s UV to bring you this chorus battle!”, the announcement stated.

The panel of judges for UHP-CB are the following:

Kowa hopes that the event will bring the community closer together and become an annual event if enough people are interested.

Registrations now open

As of December 1st, Kuro, one of the leaders of UHP, has announced on Twitter that those willing to join UHP-CB can now register!

According the the guidelines, teams must be composed of 3-7 members with at least one person each assigned to tuning, mixing, art, and the PV.

A representative of the team must fill out the provided registration form and join the Discord server to enter the chorus battle

Teams only have until December 31st to register!

You can learn more about the guidelines below:

Contest Duration

UHP-CB formally starts on January 1, 2018 and will run for 159 days until May 29, 2018

There will be two rounds of the chorus battle where teams will be given two months to work on the first round and 72 days for the second round. After each round, judges will evaluate the entries for 14 days and announce the winners soon after.

For inquiries, you may direct them to UHP through this UtaForum thread or by joining the UTAUforever Discord server.

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