Team Philippines wins UTAUvision 2017

After a few weeks of delay, we now have the final results of UTAUvision, an international song competition using the UTAU singing voice synthesizer.

It was quite a journey for all the participants especially those who have reached the finals. Unfortunately for us here at, we weren’t able to witness it in full since the competition started way before we came into existence. Nevertheless, we are glad something like this has been put together by the community and with that, let’s go right ahead to the results!

Coming up in third place, it was neck and neck between China and Chile but the latter emerged victorious with their cover of Independencia Cultural (Cultural Independence) by the Chilean rock band ‘Los Prisioneros’ which reflects their personal experiences with UTAU in their country. While the judges’ scores mark their entry to be average in terms of tuning and mixing, it appears this was favored more by the audience.

Moving on, we have Indonesia placing in second with their cute and uplifting cover of「めいあいへるぷゆー? 」(May I Help You?) originally sung by Kayano Ai, Nakahara Mai, and Toyosaki Aki. The team chose this song since they wanted to show that with UTAU as idols, we would want to support them as they continue to not only entertain everyone but also help spread positive vibes.

Finally, the champion of UTAUvision 2017 is the Philippines!! with, dare I say, quite an exceptional entry and a very fitting end to the first UTAU international song festival with their take on ONOKEN’s ‘Fragment‘. Team Adobo really went out and beyond with this by capturing what the overseas UTAU community has become.

“We did our best to spark heavy feelings, especially from long-time fans, by transitioning from the medley of classic Vocaloid songs to remind of the first days of being a vocal synth fan, to the medley of bandwagon cover song to allude to the present, and to the sorrowful song fragment to symbolize what may be of the future.”, their description said.

These final results were based on 70% of the judges’ scores, 20% of the votes, and 10% on the number of views.

As consolation, all finalists, aside from the top 3, namely, Mexico, Poland, USA-9, Brazil, USA-7, USA Furry, and China-1 will be receiving a free doodle of their UTAU.

UTAUvision 2018

Despite the few bumps that was encountered during this event, I would say it was a great success!

So what’s next? It has been confirmed that UTAUvision will continue on next year with Cyberkyo passing the torch to Ms.WanWan as the new host.

Of course, before that, we have the UHP Chorus Battle first which is currently in its team formation stage, and UHP has in fact worked with the UV organizers to ensure that no scheduling conflicts will occur.

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