Miku Expo 2017 wraps up in Malaysia

For the second time in Southeast Asia, Hatsune Miku and friends performed live on stage singing their various hits with Miku Expo 2017 coming to a close in Malaysia.

The event was much anticipated indeed especially those in the said country when the announcement was made during the 10th anniversary celebration of the virtual diva which was made possible by various local partners.

Those who were not able to witness the performance in person were also fortunate to join the audience as a live stream was freely available to watch through the Tamago live streaming app.



If you’d like to know which songs were performed, check out the setlist on VocaDB

Were you there at the concert? Did you watch the live stream? Where do you think the next Miku Expo will be? Feel free to share your thoughts and create a discussion in the comments!

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