Cyberattack shuts down Niconico

(UPDATED) Japanese video streaming site, Niconico, was down for many users during the holidays in a apparent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyberattack.

In response to the said attack, Niconico restricted overseas access to the website and for a few days was accessible only within Japan.

While we are not at a capacity to independently verify information that is in Japanese, ForgetfulSubs has provided translations of some of the online reactions coming in from Twitter.

It is believed the perpetrator of the attack goes by the Twitter handle @Darknessonion and based on the translationsthe hacker has also targeted the official website of the North Korean government and plans to target other government websites of other unspecified countries.

Niconico is among the online platforms where users of the VOCALOID, UTAU and other emerging Japanese voice synthesizers upload and share their works.

UPDATE (12/27/2017):
Niconico can now be accessed outside of Japan.

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