Multiple producers receive copyright notice on their own work

Several producers have experienced having their original works stolen by being unjustly claimed by a YouTube copyright notice and worse, being redistributed on several digital music platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, among others.

It appears the whole thing is caused by an abuse of the RouteNote service where a certain Diana Valentin has gone and claimed several songs by Expus, Eyeris, Crusher-P, Circus-P,  TechniKen, Kira, among others as “her” own and has filed YouTube copyright claims against them to take down or place ads on their videos.

The perpetrator has also appeared to have made the stolen music available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify as well reupload it on “her” own YouTube channel.

This kind of abuse involving RouteNote is not new as other content creators have experienced receiving similar copyright claims.

A few days after the news broke out however, upon verification by, all of the stolen music appears to have been taken down and the copyright strikes being retracted.


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