Happy 10th Birthday Kagamine Rin & Len!

On December 27, 2007, Crypton Future Media released to the world their second product in their Character Vocal series of Vocaloids after their initial success with Hatsune Miku. Indeed, our lovable pair Kagamine Rin & Len are celebrating ten years since their debut and we, as fans of VOCALOID, have reached yet another milestone.

Boy, does time really fly, doesn’t it? On a personal note, while Miku was the one that introduced me to VOCALOID, I really think it’s Rin and Len that made me stay. I really liked how so many producers and artists depicted them in various ways given that there is no official status on the relationship between the two even it’s easily assumed that they are twins.

In celebration of #RinLen10th, allow me to share some of my personal highlights involving the Kagamines:

First off, among my favorite songs would definitely go to Kokoro by ToraborutaSpecifically, I like this rendition which mixes in Kokoro Kiseki, a derivative produced by Jun-P which completes the whole story in these songs where a scientist develops a robot.  Prepare for a feels trip if by any chance you haven’t heard the song nor watched the PV. (View on Niconico)

Another one to add to the feels trip would be the classical rendition of mothy’s Servant of Evil arranged by Tetoteto. Paired with Hamu-ren’s PV, it really brings out the story being depicted in this song. (View on Niconico)

Moving along, I’m really a big fan of Giga-P’s work so among my personal picks would be Childish War, which shows off the quirky side of Rin and Len being depicted here as siblings fighting for the throne. (View on Niconico)

While we’re at it, let me thrown in Giga’s remix of Yasuo-P’s Electric Angel with the Kagamines tuned by Orebanana-P and the art made by Nishiki Koi which makes it an uber cute revival of a classic song which has become so popular on its own that newer fans might mistake it to be an original. (view on Niconico)

As far as my top love song featuring these two, that would go to Suki Kirai produced by HoneyWorks. It’s just a fun little song where Len develops a crush on Rin and apparently, this was sequel to a song where Miku dumped Len. Just accept his feelings, already, Rin! (View on Niconico)

Actually, there’s a ton more songs that I have really liked over the years but that would make this very long already so with that, let me cap off my mentioning that KarenT is releasing LODESTAR, a special compilation album featuring their best hits!

Again, Happy Birthday Rin and Len and a special thank you to all the producers and artists who had made great content with them over the past decade! Here’s to more in the future!

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randsss is the chief writer of VocaCenter.net. He became a fan of VOCALOID in late 2011. After a hiatus from the community, he is slowly getting back on the scene. He is currently learning how to use UTAU.
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