Editorial Guidelines

The following are our guidelines for contributing to VocaCenter.net. Our content provides fans of singing voice synthesizers with the news, feature, and guides they need to come together in the community.

If you are interested, to contribute for VocaCenter.net, you may message us on Facebook or Twitter, fill out the form on this page, or email us at . With your contribution, you have an opportunity to share your expertise, experiences, knowledge, and passion with our audience, while raising your profile.

Our Content Goal

VocaCenter.net generally aims to promote singing voice synthesizers and to inform and entertain its fans by providing news, features, and guides.

Our Target Audience

VocaCenter primarily targets all fans of singing vocal synthesizers such as VOCALOID and UTAU. Such fans may be musicians, singers, dancers, illustrators, animators, cosplayers, and the like who may also be interested in becoming involved with the grassroots-level creative process of generating content starting with singing voice synthesizers. Other fans may just be there to enjoy such content who may also be into music, video games, anime, and manga.

We will cater to such a niche yet diverse audience in a way that it does not appear intimidating to casual fans while keeping it informative and insightful for the rest of the community to enjoy.

Categories Overview

VocaCenter.net focuses on the following types of stories:


This is where we cover the latest developments in singing voice synthesizers from new releases, events, projects, and anything that concerns content creators and the community involved in these synthesizers.


This section has a variety of stories. They can range from featuring music, videos, artworks and other creative content that merits our spotlight to views and opinions on specific topics regarding singing voice synthesizers.


We hope to educate and help our audience better understand what’s going in the community. This is why we publish guides that will introduce our audience to what singing voice synthesizers are and how people have been inspired to create content with it.

Content Guidelines

Style and Formatting
  • We encourage writers to compose stories in whatever style they see fit. Our writers are free to speak their mind as long as is relevant to the topic and does not use terms or language that excludes or discriminates against any group or section of the community.
  • All published stories should contain at least one piece of rich media content such as images, embedded tracks, videos, and social media posts that are suitable to the topic of the content being composed. Contributors may ask assistance from the editors with regards to accomplishing this task.
Source Attribution and Linking
  • When news information is sourced from a forum post or other websites, it must be cited at the end of the post. When using images from online art galleries such as pixiv and deviantART, kindly use the caption options and include links to source material where possible.
  • When images are found from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it must be cited to its original artist which can be found through reverse image searching.
  • Linking to related posts within the blog is encouraged. Links to external blogs and websites, commercial products and services are acceptable so long as it is reputable and is related to the topic. Guest bloggers may also link to their own websites/social media profiles at the end of their post.
Publication Process
  • Writers must notify editors of the topic they will write about to ensure each post is aligned with the content goal. Guest bloggers may submit their stories to for approval.
  • When suggesting new ideas for posts, please submit your topic for consideration before you start writing. This prevents potential time wasted on writing a submission that might not be accepted.
  • All contributors must provide a short bio that will be included as a profile on VocaCenter.net. The bio should be approximately 60 words. Please also include a profile image to use and relevant links/social networks you wish to display.
  • Writers must ensure their stories have the appropriate category, tags, and featured image before publication. They may request editors to proofread their story. Editors may conduct revisions on stories to correct grammatical errors and to include content that will improve the story before or after its publication.

Other Guidelines

  • Upon publication, We expect writers to engage in the conversation around their post for a week and to respond as quickly as possible. We request that guest authors promote their posts on social media, their blog, and other platforms, if applicable and as you see fit.
  • Writers may republish their stories on other websites as long as the following acknowledgement is inserted at the end of the republished story: “This story originally appeared on VocaCenter.net – a website dedicated to promoting singing voice synthesizers such as VOCALOID and UTAU by providing news, features, and guides.”

Once again, interested contributors may contact us through the following means:

  • Leave a message on Facebook or Twitter
  • Fill out the form on this page
  • Email us at .

NOTICE: VocaCenter.net is no longer active but will stay up. For the latest vocal synth news, check out VocaSphere