About Us

VocaCenter.net (formerly The Vocaloid Center) is the place where music and technology converge. We are dedicated to provide news and information to fans of singing voice synthesizers such as VOCALOID and UTAU.


To help singing voice synthesizer fans and content creators to come together in a community.


A singing voice synthesizer blog and podcast that serves as the information hub for fans by fans.


VocaCenter.net generally aims to promote singing voice synthesizers and to inform and entertain its fans by providing news, features, and guides.

Brief History

VocaCenter.net began as a Flipboard magazine initially named All About VOCALOID and then later as VOCALOID Central as a where it curated the latest in VOCALOID from multiple sources. Its distinction from other similar magazines was that it doesn’t spam its readers with Vocaloid illustrations but rather, readers also get the latest news as well as discover new music, keeping everything balanced.

The Vocaloid Center,  the first incarnation of VocaCenter.net, was conceptualized after the realization that there is a need for a dedicated website for all Vocaloid-related information wherein it was more than a news site but less than a wiki. Inspired by sites like Mikubook.com, online communities like Vocaloid Pilipinas and Facebook Pages like We hate Hatsune Miku fan-brats, the website was developed and had its soft opening on October 29, 2013 with a temporary domain name. The website finally moved to vocaloidcenter.com on November 11, 2013

On December 24, 2013, it was formally announced that The Vocaloid Center will no longer serve as a news and information website as new articles will be published on the now-defunct VocaLeak.com and will instead become a podcast website but with still the same mission, vision and goals.

For a brief time, rmL and Geminarius did a short production run of The Vocaloid Center Podcast. At that time, it was the first of its kind to have a show catered to fans of Vocaloid, a niche audience. It was hatched from the support of the Vocaloid sub-reddit and from there, it gained thousands of listeners from its first few episodes.

The format consisted of discussing the latest news in the community and feature works created with the Vocaloid software and other singing synthesizers such as UTAU.

It faced a lot of challenges such as setting recording schedules given that the hosts lived 12 hours apart. Not to mention, there was uncertainty whether the format was best suited for its target audience. For the last two beta episodes, there was a change in format by introducing a guest where there were discussions on a specific topic related to the Vocaloid community.

Unfortunately, the podcast would go on an indefinite hiatus and the website became inactive until recently on September 2017 when an announcement was made to revive The Vocaloid Center as VocaCenter.net as a singing voice synthesizer blog and podcast.

NOTICE: VocaCenter.net is no longer active but will stay up. For the latest vocal synth news, check out VocaSphere