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The Future of

Hello! randsss here. You’re probably wondering why there’s hasn’t been new updates over here at VocaCenter.netWhen I started this as The Vocaloid Center about seven years ago, I was still in college and was still relatively active in the community. As the years go by, I find myself focusing on school and eventually work while dealing with personal issues so there hasn’t been much progress on developing this website further.With that said, I know there has been other Vocaloid-related news sites that emerged since our last activity. I had actually planned to reboot, even with just the podcast this year but unfortunately this has been complicated with the COVID-19 pandemic.This was the final nail on the coffin and I’ve finally decided that I’m starting to discontinue further activities on, including the podcast, and pages on Facebook and Twitter. While our audience was small, I’m still thankful and appreciate those who did find us and follow us even for a brief time.