The Future of

Hello! randsss here. You’re probably wondering why there’s hasn’t been new updates over here at

When I started this as The Vocaloid Center website about seven years ago, I was still in college and was still relatively active in the community. As the years go by, I find myself focusing on school and eventually work while dealing with personal issues so there hasn’t been much progress on developing this website further.

With that said, I know there has been other Vocaloid-related news sites that emerged since our last activity. I had actually planned to reboot, even with just the podcast this year but unfortunately this has been complicated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was the final nail on the coffin and I’ve finally decided that I’m starting to discontinue further activities on, including the podcast, and pages on Facebook and Twitter. We didn’t have much of an audience anyways but I’m still thankful and appreciate those who did find us and follow us even for a brief time.

What’s next?

I will still continue to write anything related to Vocaloid and other vocal synths over at VocaSphere! You’ve probably seen their articles and posts being passed around. Going forward, I will continue to contribute any new content through the VocaSphere website, Facebook, and Twitter.

I feel this is a better step considering I’m not as much in the loop as when I was still writing here and working with more people who still actively find and write stories would be helpful to keep updates going. Admittedly, VocaSphere has built and established a much larger following than what I can achieve within the past two years.

VocaSphere needs help!

While I have decided to join VocaSphere, we’re still a small team of volunteers and still looking for more people who can join and help bring VOCALOID and other vocal synth content to the west!

By now, we’re sure you all know about VocaSphere: we cover news, feature fan-made content, and above all, we love having a good time while sharing all things vocal synth related. VocaSphere aims to be as stress-free as possible while building a team on one single goal: just doing what you love.

This may sound horribly cheesy but at the end of the day, VocaSphere is created by fans for fans. We don’t make any profit from this and often spend our own money going to events and purchasing merch so that we can share it with everyone. But in order to keep VocaSphere going and to maintain the fast, reliable coverage people expect from us, we’re trying to get more people to join the team.

We have tons of different areas in need of help while covering and this is by no means an extensive list on the positions we have available but here are some of the main ones to give you ideas.

Social Media Cross-posting / Facebook Coordinator

Unfortunately, we have no members with the free time at the moment to make sure all of our Twitter content is posted to Facebook. In addition, our Facebook has been lacking in the fan content department recently as well. For this position, you’d be in charge of keeping track of Twitter and sharing any information or interesting content retweeted or posted on our Twitter to Facebook.


Do you like vocal synth content but have absolutely no interest in posting anything? If you have a knack for another language and can translate it into English, we’d love to have you aboard. We’ll set you to work either helping to translate vocal synth news so one of our writers can cover it or possibly even translating our upcoming YouTube videos!

To be more precise we need these translators the most:

  • Japanese to English translator
  • Chinese to English translator

Article Writer

This one is exactly what it sounds like: You’ll be writing articles for VocaSphere! We use WordPress for our website but we’d be happy to teach you about the platform if you’re unfamiliar with it.

If you’re interested in helping us out at VocaSphere, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

NOTICE: is no longer active but will stay up. For the latest vocal synth news, check out VocaSphere