VOCALOMAKETS, a sub-dividion of AH-Software, has announced Thursday, November 30, Kizuna Akari their upcoming vocal synthesizer to be released for VOICEROID and VOCALOID in the near future.

Here’s her character profile as announced:

  • Given Name: 紲星 あかり
  • Kanji Name: 紲星 灯
  • Romaji: Kizuna Akari
  • Name Origin: “She illuminates you all with her voice.”
  • Birthday: December 22
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 151cm
  • Character Illustrator: 文倉十 (Ayakura Juu)

Akari will make her illuminating debut initially as a VOICEROID2 product from AH-Software on December 22 while release information regarding VOCALOID will be announced at a later time as development is still ongoing.

Voice samples are available on the AH-software webpage.

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